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Name: Ruby Tuesday
Age: 15
Sex: female
Orientation: straight
Location: huntington beach, california.
Narcotics: nope.

7 Favourite Bands: queen, ima robot, the killers, azure ray, the faint, solemite, reel big fish<3
6 Favourite Movies:  breakfast club, night at the roxbury, napoleon dynamite, rocky horror picture show, ever after, anything adam sandler.
5 Favourite TV Shows: whose line is it anyway, full house, will and grace is the best show ever, most anything on VH1, the days
4 Favourite Books: the gossip girl series, the lovely bones, go ask alice, a brief history of time.
3 Favourite Foods: donuts, ice cream and slurpees.
2 Favourite Colours: pink and green.
1 Favourite Word: candelabra.

Gay Marriage: i believe there is a person out there for each of us, and if that person happens to be of the same sex, then nothing should stop you from marrying them.
Abortion: i have no opinion.
Stem Cell Research:  i dont really know what it is, haha, sorry,  i hope i dont get my head bitten off for this.
Body Modification: like peircings? sure, i have had a few.
Your Mods: theyre so gay.....just kidding. i love them. amanda is one of my best friends and caitlin is fucking gorgeous and funny, anddd i dont know the other one. but im sure shes rad too.
The "Scene" where hair cuts are more important than the music: hahahahah. please, dont get me started. if i could have a cute short hair cut i would, but i dont look cute with short hair and bangs.

Where did you hear about us?: amanda promoted in my journal,and saw it in __statuesque_
Who did you promote to?:  here and here
Why should we accept you?: um because i promote my ass off, and if you dont believe me, look at my user info and how many comments were posted! and you should accept me because im honest and will tell people that they are ugly. =]
Anything else?:  i love the napoleon dynamite banner. the end.

3+ CLEAR Pictures:

me and my lover

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