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.a dagger through the heart of st. angeles.

Name: justin
Age: 14
Sex: male
Orientation: wtf mate?
Location: torrance, CA
Narcotics: none

7 Favourite Bands: afi, blood brothers, misfits, alexisonfire, atreyu, rudimentary peni, the toy dolls, avenged sevenfold, (some) casualties, the cure, nirvana, my chemical romance, (old) rancid, and a LOT more
6 Favourite Movies: nightmare before christmas, napoleon dynamite, saving private ryan <--idk why, rat race, dumb and dumber, idk i dont watch many movies.
5 Favourite TV Shows: south park and family guy, the ONLY reason i watch television, otherwise its worthless
4 Favourite Books: the primal screamer
3 Favourite Foods: anything without pasta or tomatoey taste
2 Favourite Colours: dark blue and black with red
1 Favourite Word: wha...?

Gay Marriage: well, i dont typically support gays, but since this is something that just wont be stopped, i support it.
Abortion: abortion should not be the first option, it should only be used in a last resort situation. birth pills are a lot less expensive than abortion, plus, it prevents life from happening. with abortion, you wait until the baby is part way born, then take it out. so therefore it is considered murder. im not saying stop abortion, but keep it as more of a last resort.
Stem Cell Research: i support it fully. one, because my dad has cancer and it would heal him to use this research. and two, because disposing of aborted babies is a complete waste, if youre going to abort it in the first place, use it for good.
Body Modification: i see nothing wrong with getting tattoos or piercings. i do beleive in the whole "its my body, ill do what i want" as long as its not in a negative way like taking drugs or something. my advice on tattoos though, is draw a picture of the tattoo you want, hang it on your wall and look at it everyday for a year. if there is ONE day that you dont like that picture, dont get the tattoo, because that will stick with you the rest of your life. unless you have a lot of money and can get it removed.
Your Mods: i havent met em.
The "Scene" where hair cuts are more important than the music: whats the point of having a music scene if theres anything more important than the music?

Where did you hear about us?: ashley (artofsound) <3
Who did you promote to?: ____thursday, mrpoterurabitch
Why should we accept you?: because, it would make me happy if you excepted. and i will continuously prmote and post and be involved and what not.
Anything else?: i dont beleive these surveys are effective on whethere a person is cool or not. you cant explain an entire person in a 20 questions thing. so if you think im lame, i dont care. you cant describe an entire person in 20 questions

okay, since im stupid and i forgot how to add pictures, just click here...

i know, i know, im not a beauty queen...
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