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alright, so i was already a memeber, but i changed my username, figured i'd go through this again, just in case you all change your mind, lol.

Name: jeannie
Age: 16
Sex: female
Orientation: straight
Location: bakersfield
Narcotics: lots.

7 Favourite Bands: modest mouse, bright eyes, the smiths, the doors, fleetwood mac, pink floyd, cursive
6 Favourite Movies: the royal tenenbaums, waking life, trainspotting, donnie darko, fight club, requiem for a dream
5 Favourite TV Shows: chappelle's show, family guy, south park, will and grace, dr. phil
4 Favourite Books: the celestine prophecy, girl interrupted, a clockwork orange, the perks of being a wallflower
3 Favourite Foods: pizza, lasagne, chimmy chongas
2 Favourite Colours: white, marigold
1 Favourite Word: fuck

Gay Marriage: let people marry who they choose, marriage is just a joke anyways
Abortion: "i'm anti-abortion, but i'm pro killing babies, i mean if you're giving your baby a bath and the phone rings, no one is going to blame you! and there's a chance there might be brownies at the funeral, and everyone knows, brownies rock!"-maddox [i'm anti-abortion]
Stem Cell Research: yeah, i dont really care...
Body Modification: something has to help ugly
Your Mods: caitlin is a stud
The "Scene" where hair cuts are more important than the music: i love scene fags, then again, i love the music

Where did you hear about us?: caitlin
Who did you promote to?: oh you know, places and people
Why should we accept you?: you really shouldn't, im trouble.
Anything else?: mmm, nope.

3+ CLEAR Pictures:

ohhhhh did you say clear? im sorry......[rebellious]
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