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Name: ashley.
Age: seventeen.
Sex: girl.
Orientation: i like boys.
Location:reno fuckin nevada. kcmo right now.
Narcotics: nope.

7 Favourite Bands: underOATH. deathcabforcutie. dashboard confessional. norma jean. brandtson. 18 v. taking back sunday.
6 Favourite Movies: say anything. 16 candles. the breakfast club. pirates of the carribean. serendipity. pretty woman.
5 Favourite TV Shows: boy meets world. the ashlee simpson show. i love the 80s (kinda a tv show...) the apprentice. full house.
4 Favourite Books:girl. how soon is never. tommys tale. on love.
3 Favourite Foods: grilled cheese sandwiches. cheesecake. mashed potatos.
2 Favourite Colours:black. green.
1 Favourite Word: fuck.

Gay Marriage: all for it. if people are in love then they should be happy regardless of what their sexual orientation is.
Abortion: pro choice. in some situations its ok. but i still want people to have the choice either way.
Stem Cell Research: there are pros and cons to knowing more about the world and the way things work. i suppose we will find out one day if it was a good idea.
Body Modification:i love it. and its what i want to do.
Your Mods: no tats yet. pierced: nose. tongue. navel. ears 2 times. gauged 6.
The "Scene" where hair cuts are more important than the music: its a joke. and something people take way too seriously...its also became a way to describe things "your glasses are so scene." or " you dress so scene". lame. its about the music baby.

Where did you hear about us?: getting promoted on __statuesque_
Who did you promote to?:
Why should we accept you?:because im fucking awesome. and fun <3
Anything else?: <33333333333

3+ CLEAR Pictures:

im on the left. but i hope you can tell.

me on the right. with my dad. sorry its blury.

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+Same name as me
+++Norma Jean
+Full house
+You're gorgeous
Yes <3
norma jean is fucking awesome. you are gorgeous !!
aw thank you. Yes norma jean owns
um yes.
because you are mad hot.

aww thank you <3
you're absoluetly beautiful.
good bands.
boy meets world rocks.
you should join vanity_killedme too.
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥NORMA JEAN♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

+you are absolutly gorgeous
yes, you're very pretty!